Birthday Somethings and New Theme

Time to finish off the frosting, celebrating all that birthdays represent here. Thank you for playing along... and to think, actually, my b'day is still forthcoming! Oooh. :)

For our next theme between now and January 29th, we're going to muse on all things LIGHTHOUSE. Enjoy. Happy smooth sailing and watch out for the rocks!

(* As always, please feel free to first read CREATIVE TUESDAYS Guidelines, Rules & FAQ —especially if new here— for keeping consistency and brand ID on our co-op and with respect to all those who contribute here. ONLY posts that clearly follow the simple guidelines will be included or commented on, in interest of time and so on. Thank you.)


  1. Thanks for the very celebratory montage! On to the next theme!

  2. Very nice montage..You might say very "sweet". Looking forward to "Lighthouse"... I love them.

  3. finally I was able to create something for CT and though I added a story to it, I was satisfied that I created something that came about from the theme, so thank you!

    hope you have a great new year!