Lighthouse Montage and New Theme

I'm actually amazed so many of you joined in this time around as I didn't have too high expectations for as much enthusiasm but glad you did! Here are the results in one quick look. Thank you so much.

For our next theme, we'll have a whole month! So between now and February 26th, we're going to ponder what a passenger might see and/or experience along some VOYAGE. Time to dream. Life itself is rather a voyage too, isn't it? Sometimes the waters are choppy, sometimes one sails over the clouds, other times one's chasing sunsets and calls from afar and other times still, we have no idea what to expect while reaching for new frontiers.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful montage and this new theme will require some thought! See you then.

  2. So many amazing lighthouses.. wohoo:)

  3. Very cool montage and I am excited to see your "voyage" drawing, Mister Toast! Thank you for all you do (-: