You know how it is when something just comes together right away? Well, that was this piece. As soon as I put pencil to paper and then the fountain pen lines over it, it instantly worked. The whole thing took no more than about an hour.

I decided this time that after doing a couple of paintings I was itching to do something more graphic design oriented. I had in mind how the front slice's left edge would mirror the bottom right side of the halved apple; the same for the inside pulp edge flowing into the background apple's outside perimeter, and so on.

This piece reminds me of something one might find on an apron or such, with it's sort of 1960's style and the gritty feel to it. Hmmm... In fact, I very well might do a series of these — apple, banana, pear, etc. That would make for a fun set of cards or prints, don't you think? :)

OK, thanks to each of you for playing along and welcome to our newest member, Charu Jain from India! Fantastic. 


  1. very nicely done Michael! A series of fruit sounds a great idea!

  2. Oh Michael. Just so graphically YOU. Love it. Before I did the apples on the tree, I did one very similar to yours, but decided on the tree and pie. I do like the fruit them idea. Leaving Thursday for a trip to OR to see grandson, but will keep in touch to see if I'm back in time for the next theme.

    1. have a great trip. If you make it back in time, if great, enjoy adn you can always visits peeps when able. WE will miss your art.

  3. Very 60's art pop Michael, Andy Warhol springs to mind. I love the graphic quality of this and very clever how you used a red background against the red apple. Definately would make a lovely series of cards with other fruit as well.

  4. I ddin't even think about the inside of an apple, this is definitely a whole different perspective to the theme -a series of these would be nice.

    have a great day.

  5. I love your apples - they make my mouth water. lol Well done and it was a joy to see your graphic design side again. Although, your paintings certainly spruce up our home! :) xx