Well, here it is, finally! As you'll see, this photo was the visual platform from which I interpreted it into my own barn and artistic direction. The final piece is 6" square.

Sorry to have had to extend the theme an extra week — something happened in the family that has thrown everything out of whack. I could have just skipped it, I suppose, as any of us can do at any time, but I really wanted to try my hand at it anyway with a nod to those of you who already took the time to give it a go.

Initially, the intent was to paint it but running out of time, decided to revert back to pastels. You'll see though that I actually ended up adding some acrylics to a few spots too, like the white (and blue) flowers, where applying a lighter colour was just not standing out enough. (If any of you know how to add a light pastel over darker areas, please do let me know. I even tried fixative in between to no avail). No doubt mixing acrylics and pastel is a big no-no, right? Oh well, never mind, I tried something new, challenging myself, all in the spirit of Creative Tuesdays! :)

Ultimately, I plan to re-do this piece, making it strictly an acrylic or oil painting. There's a couple of areas I'm not too happy with, like the little tower where I was meant to include little white windows but ended up painting them out entirely! Lol. Well, we'll see. (You'll be able to catch any later revisions over on my art biz facebook page for any of you who might like to follow along.)

OK, off to see whether anyone else has signed up (or not) since last time I looked. Our newest theme, btw, will be announced Wednesday night (the 10th). See you then, if not before. Thank you!


  1. wow you did a beautiful job with the pastels and the white acrylic adds the perfect touch! Thanks for suggesting this wonderful theme!

  2. Aw, thank you Christine. You rock. I really appreciate your comment. And guess what? I did the whole piece with one whopping bad headache...which I STILL have btw! sinuses, I think. Oh dear me.

    1. my tumblr blog is now on my sidebar, thanks for the great suggestion!

  3. I hope your headache goes away! I get them too, migraines and headaches are the worst )-: But I love this piece, it is really well done and I love that you can see the grain of the paper underneath the pastel. It'll be great to see how it comes out as a painting, too! I hope to get something in last minute by tomorrow. If not, I'll get the next one-- my past two weeks got shot from lots of health issues/doctor visit nightmares. Thank you as always, Mister Toast! I've had great fun looking at everybody's beautiful barns for this prompt :-)

  4. I just love this Michael! I think the vibrancy is what really pulls me in. There's so many colors and so much depth to the piece. The detail of the posts in the fence is amazing and your barn is the epitome of an old farmhouse barn (in contrast to mine, which was more inspired by a horse barn). Beautiful!

  5. Amazing detail, such a beautiful barn!! I hope everything returns to normal for you regarding family troubles, , take care,

  6. Wonderful painting, Mooks. Again, so glad you pushed through, even when you felt it wasn't going anywhere! Rock on! :D