Well, our CT "Time for Tea" was a smaller gathering this time around, but hey, that can be cozy too. Speaking of which, I forgot to initially mention that Alex and I had our very own Summer Tea Party for neighbours and alike the other week. I'm pretty sure our guests had a good time and it certainly put me in the mood for my own artistic contribution for that theme! (If you're at all interested to see how it turned out, you might like popping over to our couple's blog.)

Onto Father's Day: mine was just wonderful. We all went out to a lovely restaurant I've not been to before, compliments of the kids! My fave part? Just being there together, laughing and enjoying that closeness. Their cards too always make me cry. (Yes I'm such a mush.) Good times anyway...and good food! While I'm not terribly a sea-foodie, this place served the most incredible entrees. It truly was fantastic.

With all that said, it occurred to me that, hey, we've never done a CT theme on FISH so how about we do that now? Of course, yours could be in the ocean, not necessarily on a plate! Perhaps, they're even jellyfish instead? Hmm.... the possibilities are as varied as these delightful fish above. Enjoy.

See you back here, July 5th. Maybe one of you might cook up some fish for the 4th? Now, that would be novel.


  1. What a gorgeous family photo Michael you are blessed! 'Fish' for July 5th then! We also celebrated a wonderful Father's Day with another family, it was at an all you can eat sushi restaurant with lots of raw fish as we speak. I've never tasted raw scallop before and loved it, sort of like oysters, which is also not for everyone!

  2. What a fun theme! I always say I'm going to join the next round and miss it...sigh...hopefully, I can jump on board this one! LOVE this idea. :)

  3. Oh how perfect as the new movie "Finding Dory" is out. Just keep swimming....just keep swimming...I will be on vacation, but will hopefully find time for a quickie before we leave! Love this.

    1. We leave tomorrow for a little trip...but I had some inspiration this afternoon and enjoyed putting together my watercolor of
      "Fish". I will have my computer with me, so will be able to post it on the desired date. Sending hugs.

  4. sounds like a good theme, will think on it.

    hope you have a lovely day.

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  6. Ah have missed this- will hope to join in the next one :) newbie here too so wanting to say hi :)