The next Creative Tuesdays is due on....

Well, I really have been amiss! Sorry. You see, we just moved out of our townhouse rental last week and while the actual moving itself only took about an hour, there was a lot of prep work beforehand and afterwards, steam cleaning carpets and even taking our doggie to some wonderful sitters for while we're away. Hard to do but good situ there. Everything else has also fallen into place, as smoothly as one could have hoped. After de-cluttering, reducing our remaining belongings into about 17 plastic tubs/boxes worth of books, clothes, art stuff, etc, we took then to a friends' basement for safe keeping. And currently, we're living out of our two carry-ons and one other suitcase whilst staying at another couple's cozy backyard loft for the remainder of the week. A beautiful place indeed.

Unfortunately, all this meant that I simply didn't find the time to do last week's "Pond" theme! Too bad, as I had this wonderful idea of a little boy pulling out ever bigger objects from his neighbourhood pond. Behind him would have been an assortment of discoveries from tea cups to toys to a train caboose and so on! I suppose that's one idea that will never see fruition.

At least a handful of you though did participate and we even had a newbie join us! Thank you so much. I hope you all had a chance to visit each other and sorry that I not only didn't create anything but didn't post any updates until just now.

As it is, we're traveling this next weekend. (My sons are actually leaving tomorrow from two separate cities Stateside, meeting up in London  then staying in a hostel there before joining us upon our arrival the week later.) All this to say that with taking them up to to Yorkshire to see their grandmother and fam (not seen in 12 years!), there will again be no time to host C.T. I'll also need some time setting myself up for working from there during this time away. So, how about the next theme then be due Tuesday, August 16th? Hope that works for everyone! Let's explore our own takes on whatever kind of JOURNEY you might embark on too.

I really hope you regulars out there, and those of you who have recently joined us, don't forget about this little friendly art co-op while I'm away!? There's so many ways to interpret this new theme. It could even just be a journey of the mind/one of dreams perhaps? Please join in if you can and feel free to write up anything related to your piece too. I'd so love to read those.

In the interim, perhaps follow us along on our couple's blog for stories and places specifically related to the two of us doing something together. In fact, if anyone's remotely interested, you can learn more about the reasons for this short-term move there. Heh, I wonder if I'll actually get anything posted to my own creative blog then, other than for CT! We shall see.

Please take care of yourselves during this time and keep that inquisitive, creative spirit alive! Thank you to all of you who have left comments here and there. You know that I'll keep responding when able. It's lovely maintaining connections whilst away which is hard enough in itself for many reasons. And, if perchance any of you happen to be near London or Yorkshire, maybe we could even meet up for tea? Creative conversations over a warm cuppa? Hmm...Now that sounds just perfect!

God speed and see you all soon enough, I hope. Thank you again. :)


  1. meetup for tea in Yorkshire, sounds like a good CT theme! See you Aug 16 for Journey, thanks for hosting amid all of what's going on in your life right now. Lovely that your boys will meet up with you the the family.

    1. Haha, I like that, Christine. Meet up for tea in.... (fill in the blank). Ooh, I might have to consider that at some point! I hope everyone who normally plays along join in or it could be just you!

  2. sounds like a lot on your plate!! see you again on Aug 16 :)

    1. Glad to know you will be back here then! Looking forward to seeing whatever you do. Thank you! :)