Creative Tuesday: NEW THEME

We had a fabulous first round of Creative Tuesdays.  Thank you to how many of you signed up too. You know, your post write ups and comments actually help encourage others to perhaps consider also signing up, trying their own hand at some doodling wonder. It really doesn't matter how novice you are.

Make sure to pop in over at our new cosy home at to see the NEW THEME as well as the WINNER of our first of many giveaways, tomorrow. :)

Creative Tuesdays: Reminder of New Home

Good morning!  This is just a reminder that Creative Tuesdays is now located here, at my new home!  It's still very easy to access and leave comments, so don't let it intimidate you!  Hee  We've got alot going on this round, so you don't want to miss it!

So, what are you waiting for?  Grab your favorite creative tools, a hot cuppa and swing by to say hello or even participate!  :)