NEWEST THEME... due Sept 3rd.

"Red Barn" Painting by Roz (Original available on her Etsy shop)

THIS OLD BARN is our newest theme! Of course, you don't have to do a red one, there are lots of different colours, or it could even perhaps be an old brick one like you might see in Europe and so on. You tell me. I know I'm looking forward to depicting something very Autumnal with the arrival of September. Hmm...might even have to throw in some classic big pumpkins! (For other ideas, see the barn collection over on CT's Pinterest board.)

Sign up below when ready.

(And, btw, I LOVED all your Poppy contributions. Wasn't it wonderful seeing such a wide array of interpretations, each lovely in their own way and now I know--they come in many colours!)


UPDATE: I will post the NEW THEME after giving those of you who have not yet had the chance to visit each other and comment as part of this co-op. A special welcome to our newest contributors, Charu and Diana Evans back again! :)

Poppies. Copyright 2014 Michael MacVean
© Copyright 2014 Dotty Hill Creative: "Poppies" (acrylics on canvas)

Phew, down to the wire again but here it is, finally! I started this yesterday (with Alex's B'day in mind) and after a few hours, put it away to sleep on it for awhile. It wasn't going nearly as well as initially envisioned in my mind but I also reminded myself that I've not painted in years (except for that Montmarte, Paris piece for CT) so of course a little rusty!

After work today and downing a very good cup of tea, I put on my scrubs and got cracking again. You should have seen how many times I painted over the sky and flowers until I felt it finally started speaking to me the direction in which it should go. Ha, I have to tell you, it was quite cathartic that when I finally finished (about 9-10 hours from first starting), I actually broke down and cried upon showing it to Alex! Oh dear me. It was a labour of love, pushing through and in the end, triumph, of sorts! :)

To see other photos of the work in progress, check out my biz Facebook

OK, thank you for joining me here back on CT's own blog and chipping in your own pieces too. Can't wait to see what everyone has done, leaving comments for those of you I haven't visited yet. Thanks again for being such inspirations for me. I wanted to do my best for you guys.