Reviewing Objects, Pies & NEW THEME due by Nov 4th!

Hello all. So glad that many of you truly had fun with this latest Found Objects theme. Most certainly one of our more unique takes, I know. I could do it fairly quickly, for one. In fact, just as well, as lately I've been super swamped with work stuff, etc, weekends, evenings and so on. I'm rather pooped, must say. Reading through and looking at all your wonderful contributions definitely boosted my spirits no end though, so thank you! :)

Speaking of time crunches, I do hope you saw the last couple of entries that came in? Lissa's was one of them and if you recall, she had not had the chance to finish her PIE themed art previously either. But, guess what? Yep, her Pie Maker Twins is now complete in all its glowing green glory. Talk about details! You just have to check it out! Can you imagine having that kind of diligence to work so meticulously on something like that? I couldn't, but so glad she does... just as I'm thankful that each of us bring our own unique interpretations to these various themes. Makes it so much more compelling, doesn't it?

This too brings something else to mind: if for some reason, you ever put up a piece for CT that wasn't completed in time but later you went back and finished it, do please let me know so I can then let the rest of our community know here too. CT is here for you. I want each of you to have a chance to shine your creativity and talents to the fullest. I really do. That is, in part, why I also keep up the Regular Contributors sidebar so at anytime we can see what the most active among us are doing.

Whilst at it, I do want to give a shout out to Alexandra for her inspiring e-course she's currently doing and her next, more crafts-based one, she and another blogging artist are offering, starting in just a couple of weeks, called It's a Polka Dotted Christmas!  If it's anything like her Courage class, it's sure to be amazing with good interactions and ideas for everyone. I'm super proud of her. You know, she's really a natural presenter and speaker, actually, one with a moving story and ability to  connect and inspire.

Last but not least, "What is the NEXT THEME then?" you are all still wondering! Haha. Well, I've taken our queue from one of Lissa's aforementioned details. So, ok, it's time to think up something... MINTY! Hmmm, yes, that could be cool green spearmint, polar blue peppermints, herbal mint... I don't know, YOU tell me and show us! Enjoy.  And, just think, you can even conjure up ideas whilst standing there brushing your teeth with your very own minty toothpaste. Yes, Creative Tuesdays' wonders never cease! :)


CHEEZ-IT Snack Mix provided the inspiration this time around, of all things. Yes, who knew this little pretzel would serve me so well? Perhaps a bit too well?! Well, you see, umm... I have to confess.... poor lil' turtle no longer has his shell! I know, I know, bad, bad, bad,but it was oh so crunchy good. I tried to stop with those pretzel sticks but it was no use! :)

So, how's your interpretive found object art coming along? I'll look at them all and comment later tonight. Thank you. BTW, if you haven't done anything yet, there's still bags of time by tonight. This, after all, will be one of the fastest themes offered up this year, so hop on board.