NEW THEME due by Dec 3rd!

Xmas Tea Wedding Cake. CT Guidelines state no photos for our art & yes, that's still true, so why here? Read below...

I don't know about you but that last "pick your word" theme was great fun, don't you think?  Some of you totally stumped me on what I thought you might do but for some I was bang on! Regardless though, it really put me in the festive mood seeing everyone's contributions. To boot, we had the pleasure of a visit from Karen (the Adventurous Art Teacher). (Perhaps some of you might remember her from way back when before CT got its own blog?)

Now, if only I could have each of you somehow magically pop up here in our little living room, sit down by the gas fireplace and take turns telling each of us what you love (or not) about December and this season in general. In fact, wouldn't it be fun to do some sort of CT Pictionary type game too, using various themes to keep us on track? Or how about a Christmas tea?! You know, something I love about co-ops like ours is how, over time, you can start to feel like you know some others well enough to perhaps even be able to imagine their laugh or what have you. :) Ahhh,I can see it now...Yes, please come along, cosy up down there and let me bring you a nice warm cuppa of... "What's that? Mulled wine you say, Linda? Yes, got some brewing...and warm mince meat pies too. Anyone...? How about some Christmas tea, Christine? And, what about you Donna? Hot cider perhaps? Hot choc? And you, Chris? ...Oh, wait now..YUM! What's that Wanda's carrying in right now from the kitchen!? Mmm...smells sooo good. (Heh, methinks I'll have one of those!) Oh, but wait, who's that at the door? Charu! Do come in. It's awfully cold outside.... And on it goes....DREAMS OF DECEMBER. Haha, I missed my calling. I would have been perfectly content as some good family's butler! No, really, it's true. I LOVE serving people and even make a pretty decent lemon shortbread, you know. That surely counts for something, right?! :)

So, onto the cake and the date! In case you haven't noticed, you'll have one extra day to sign up for this. It isn't due until Wednesday that week as I won't be around much that evening before. And, why, pretell? Well, crazily enough, Tuesday's our first year Anniversary! Whoa. Alex has plans afoot for later (after work). I do so love how she finds joy in little surprises and the simplest of things. In fact, with that said, I hope it snows too so we can just window shop under the incredible Christmas lights of downtown in all its wonder. This photo, as you might have guessed by now, shows our beautiful wedding cake I had made for the fabulous Christmas Tea we hosted a few days later to celebrate the season and all things new.

P.S. This will be the LAST official theme of the year! With the holidays rapidly approaching, the next theme after this (due Dec 16th) will be open ended. YOU pick what art to put up! I'm still deciding on whether to do one for December 30th. What do you think?.Perhaps we could do some kind of game here or even just our own write ups instead? Or maybe we just wait until that following Tuesday, Jan 6th, and then kick off CT for the new year? Let me know. Please leave me a comment, if you think of it. Thank you.

P.P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to those of us here in the U.S! Enjoy, and count your blessings. (I LOVE thanksgiving btw — my favourite. For here, it's akin to an English Xmas in terms of all the food — good mash, turkey, stuffing and what not.)

P. P.P.S. I'm also brewing up some kind of giveaway so any ideas there for how to do it are well appreciated. Fun, fun! :)



UPDATE: 3 more entries below at very last minute. Please visit each other and will then add new post on Thursday night. Thank you! Welcome back, Karen! :)

Rupert's back! This time with his lovely, sweet wife and knickerbockers wearing spunky son in tow. (Can you tell he loves his Dad, sporting a red jumper and all, much like Rupert's usual wear? Haha.)

This piece was in fact inspired by our very own first family outing to an actual Christmas tree farm to pick out a real Christmas tree! (I've had fake trees for so long due to the kids' asthma when younger but now being older it's time to start new traditions.) Anyway, whilst pretty cold, it was sooo much fun and even snowed. Yippee! Needless to say, I was like a little kid myself, running through the trees, and glowing with glee with, I think, real tears when spotting (ehem) my perfect Charlie Brown Xmas tree! Yes, must admit, I do love to have lots of room to hang the decorations!

OK, no doubt,  I suspect many of you, especially Stateside, are not terribly keen to think about Xmas yet until at least Thanksgiving is done, but, what can I say? Well, it's very much xmas season in UK now (for better or worse), so I will simply blame it on my genes then! Nah, heh, really, I just love Christmas! Call me an old fashioned soft mush romantic or something, I know. And, with Alex loving it too, we are rather hopeless right now, finding, for example, new xmas songs and covers, and so on. 

So, with all that said, I do hope a few more of you bear with me and sign up. We shall see. So far, I've got Linda's entry guessed right but what will the rest of you do who happen to chime in? :)