UPDATED Guidelines

Dear Creative Tuesday co-oppers, I just updated our guidelines, eliminating a few requirements so they are shorter and simpler to understand. Please review at your leisure. Thank you for your support promoting this community. Here's to many more themes and creative contributions to come. :)

NEW THEME due September 23rd


"...The apples and pumpkins make me crave fall. Makes me want to put on a big warm scarf and go pumpkin picking!"
-- Kendall Hershey (comment to Alexandra on her bird house barn piece)

My dear fellow CT'ers, we have our newest member, Kendall, to thank for this new theme, and to an extent, Alexandra too, actually. I think we all enjoy that craving for Fall/Autumn, don't we? I know so! Tuesday morning, I couldn't wait to snuggle down into my cosy sweater even though the high was expected to be about 72F, just b/c I knew too we were also going to have clouds and glorious rain! So, yes, let's celebrate this upcoming season with RED APPLES! Maybe make a pie or something? And yes, RED apples specifically, although if you'd like to thrown in some green or yellow ones (my fave) in addition, feel free, but please do show at least one red apple. (If you want to do a drawing with B&W only, that's fine too — just colour the red only. That can be quite effective too like I did with Rupert's Nursery Rhyme piece over on my critters-portfolio.)

OK, so is it too early to go pumpkin picking? (Oooh, don't you love the sound of those words? Almost an onomatopoeia!) You know, come to think of it, I don't think I've EVER done that before. Never grew up with pumpkins and never really got into the taste of them but, hey, that does sound quite fun. Maybe I'll plunk one into a still-life with apples! Who knows? I've got a bushel full of crisp ideas already forming,,, but first, time to raid the fridge for some Autumnal like food! Hmmm... maybe that freshly made gooey brownie will have to do?:)