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Next Theme...sign up by Tuesday, June 2nd

Before I go into the new theme, let me just say how much I enjoyed the last one. In fact, I think my tree was rather like ones Lissa draws, and Donna and I were certainly on the same wavelength, right? Then, what is it with so many of us thinking red mushrooms for fairy tales? Fun!

Anyway, one thing that may not be so readily apparent is really quite funny: Alex and I both liked each others' more than our own. She even joked about switching them where I would post hers and she would mine. Ha ha, while that would have certainly been novel, I suspect you'd still be able to tell who's was who's! That goes the same for each of us, actually, each with our own unique styles. That is what I so love about this art co-op — seeing how we each interpret  the same theme, even if taking the exact same object, like say, an ORANGE. (And, yes, feel free to just show the colour, if you prefer. Up to you entirely.)

Looking forward to seeing what you each come up with. Linda, however, will not be joining us next week as many of you will have noted in her last CT theme. Like our wonderful Wanda, also missed, she's going to take a creative break from here for an indeterminate time. She will be sorely missed by many of us, I know.

So, here's to you, Linda. Thank you for being such a fantastic part of this co-op. People come and go in such creative endeavors and taking a break to recharge is always a good idea. Know that while you'll be missed, you're leaving this CT richer from all your many come to mind! :)

P.S.Sign up will be here on the bottom of this post, June 2nd, See you then, if not before. Feel free to leave a comment below too. I always like to read what you think of the themes.

P.P.S. Please go see in last post that Mariane and Niina also took up for the Fairy Tale Tree challenge.
(Sign up got messed up or something.)

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Fairy Tale Tree—Sign up now!

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 "The Wood Between the Worlds" by Keck

SIGN UP NOW OPEN. (See Below.) 

"No, I don't believe this wood is a world at all. It's just a sort of in between place.Think of our tunnel under the slates at home. It isn't a room in any of the houses. In a way, it really isn't a part of any of the houses. But once you are in the tunnel, you can go along it and come out into any of the houses in the row. Mightn't this wood be the same?--a place that isn't in any of the worlds, but once you've found that place you can get into them all."
―Digory, The Magician's Nephew by C.S. Lewis

So, have you figured out the new theme for this next fortnight? Well, it's all to do with fairy tales and fantasy stories for children. In fact, I want you to focus on one specific part of such a story: a FAIRY TALE TREE!

To clarify, when I say "fairy tale," it doesn't have to be from a specific fairy tale, it could be an imaginary tale like the Narnia scene featured above or even a story from your very own imagination. Regardless, the main idea here is to have an element of fantasy or fairy tale added to your tree(s). If you're still stumped, you can always go check out some images I've collected on our CT Pinterest board.

Ok, have fun dreaming up your pictures over these next few weeks. I wonder how many of you will choose a known story vs. a made up one? I've got a good guess who's going to run with this, some of you in particular. So, here's a nod to your imaginations. Can't wait to see what each of you conjure up! Thanks for playing along.

P.S. Whilst at it, let me know what you think on a comment below, if you like. :)

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New Theme Announced... Sign Up NOW!

SIGN UP NOW OPEN. (See Below.) 

So, have I kept you guessing what this new theme is about? :) I like to sometimes find artwork that doesn't give it away too quickly yet aptly depicts the theme too, in a different sort of way. I find this abstract modern impressionist's limited palette works of Manhattan profoundly inspiring. Incredible. He really is taking painting to another new level whilst also not making it completely abstract or even ugly as so often goes the modern art world.

Anyway, in case you haven't figured it out yet, the new theme is WET! Oh, this should produce lots of different ideas. Can't wait to see what each of you splash out there! Enjoy. (Speaking of that, do be sure you've visited everyone from the last extended "happy" theme, like Donna's piece that just went up in in the nick of time, right after I posted mine! (BTW, the list of dunkin' goodies are now up under my biccie pic there.)

I hope you enjoyed reading the Happy thoughts as much as I did tonight. Wonderful writings on that fleeting sense of happiness too. Loved it.Thank you.

Back to "normalcy" now. No more traveling expected this next fortnight so we should be back on track to having just two weeks to come up with something. I will post the sign up here next week to give you a week not to have to worry about it! You can perhaps just ponder away into that misty wonder yonder. :)

P.S. The "followers" gadget is now on my blog sidebar, should you want to follow that way. :)

SIGN UP your "wet" piece below for us all to visit:

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