Gingerbread Challenge

Illustration by Ileana Oakley
Yes, CT enthusiasts, we have a NEW theme....finally! Obviously, I've been lack here posting something. My excuse? We moved back to Colorado after our time away in England, helping my family out there with our mother. It didn't help that not only were we both sick with terrible chest infections and colds which lasted over a week upon our return, we also moved our things into a new (darling little) home we're renting across from town form where we lived before. To make matters even more exhausting, we did that the very next day after we arrived back here, still dealing with major jet lag, etc! So, all that to say, we've been settling back into a life here and all that entails.I 'm finally ready now to introduce to you our new CT challenge!

In the interim, I suspect, we may have lost some followers in the wait but for those of you diligent and ready, we have two weeks (until Dec. 13th) to make or illustrate a CHRISTMAS GINGERBREAD HOUSE! Yes, you can even make it in the kitchen and show us your culinary decorating prowess! (I'm thinking Wanda would be great here...if she ever sees this.) So, think ginger, think visual feast, and do please make it festive! :)

Thank you ahead of time for anyone and everyone who plays along on this one. I know it's a jolly busy time for most of us. Time to get out there and sprinkle some creativity and kindness along the way. Enjoy.


Oh boy, I totally forgot about updating Creative Tuesdays! So sorry to anyone who has their piece ready. You can sign up whenever ready now (see below).  The reality is that I got carried away with  various things here, including moving my mother into another home, closer to where my sister lives, then going to York, seeing my niece who has also been dealing with a lot. Finally, I was under last minute unexpected rush jobs with my work that took out more of our time.

So, anyway, I will keep checking here to see who has signed up, and if you haven't (like me), you still have time as I'm moving the due date to Tuesday, Nov 8th. I know, US Election night, of all things.At least, none of us, like myself, will forget the due date this time! :) 

Sorry for putting this up a bit late, it's been rather a whirlwind here. Perfect, as our next art theme is the same one said by Dorothy: "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

You don't have to have seen "The Wizard of Oz" or even interpret the book (although that would be fun), it could be anything that evokes that same sort of sentiment. It's that sense that one is out of one's depth or "no longer in quiet and comfortable surroundings." That could be mysterious, magical, curious or what have you. Let's see how YOU interpret it! When ready, please go ahead and leave your sign up on our very own virtual yellow brick road below (will appear soon). This should be interesting! As most of you know, Alex and I have pretty much the exact same tastes in everything from music to movies to design and food. All except Oz, that is! Which one of us loved it and which one didn't, I'll leave that up to you to figure out. :)