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NEW Theme (due Dec 8th)

(Art deco print. Artist unknown.)

So, can you guess what the theme is? For me, Dr. Zhivago comes to mind, which is kind of appropriate, time-period wise. What we're talking about here is showing your take on an OLD WORLD CHRISTMAS. You can depict anything you want for the holiday but it needs to remind one of a different time for yesteryear. It could be old style decorations, Victorian buildings in snow, vintage clothing styles, you name it.

We'll see you back here in two weeks! With the holidays soon upon us, I'll actually add the sign up here next Tuesday, should any of you want to get this up sooner. :)

So, how is everyone while I've been offline? Sorry about that. Yes, it seems that time slipped by fso quickly since returning from the funeral and seeing my family whilst across the pond. Having a cold for the entire trip which is only now leaving, I've also been super busy with work too (still am, actually).

Anyway, I think it will be fun and imaginative, don't you? Can't wait to see what each of you come up with and who signs up too. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US celebrating. Maybe some of you wil even post pics of your delicious offerings? Ours will be fairly simple (And small) I think. The best part? It promises to snow that day. Whee! :D
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Sorry, team, but with plans to leave for a funeral for my aunt who died a few weeks ago in London, CT is postponed until I get back. This is also in part the reason I did not find the time to get my black cat theme done but am enjoying seeing each of yours! Thank you.

Spending a lot of time with my Aunt Sally growing up, I loved her very much. In fact, every time going back, I've made a point to see her. The last two visits were particularly meaningful, bonding moments for me. She was old and lived a giving full life. I suspect her funeral will have many hundreds of people there.

I'm honoured that my cousin has asked me to do a reading at the funeral (at HTB). Anyway, more on my Aunt later. In the meantime, enjoy this Autumnal season and wish us luck with having to catch THREE planes on our way there and back. Oh, and do check out Donna's lovely write up on her CT win. :)
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BLACK CAT. Sign up now.

I know, this new theme is going up late, so to help, you'll have an extra day to work things out.  The shortened timeline's a tad scary perhaps but not much — no more than seeing a BLACK CAT or something.

BTW, I'll put the sign-up on Tuesday but you'll have until Wednesday evening (MST) to complete your piece. And, don't feel you have to illustrate it, you could make a stuffie toy or even bake a cake or cookies, up to you. Get feisty. Meow. :)

You have until Wednesday 6:00pm MST to complete this but sign up now, if ready. (I still have yet to do mine. Hope to get to it and it would be quite a fun take on things. How's yours....?

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