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Where will this New Theme take you?
Due July 14th.

See my other lil' critters

It looks like Little Twitters was a popular theme so how about we continue down that path and explore the world of LITTLE CRITTERS in general? Could be a cricket (like I did above, back in 2009) or a ladybird/bug, hedgehog, or even one of those funny little enchidnas that Donna loves so. Hmm... You tell me. Can't wait to see what each of us settle on. If you happen to have a personal story to accompany your entry, by all means, write that in too. Fun, fun. Time to explore the undergrowth once again.....
P.S. As done lately, I'll add the sign up form on or just before the Tuesday due date.
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Little Twitters (due June 30th).
Sign up NOW!

Just Add Water by Delphine Doreau (a brilliant French illustrator)

So, figured it out yet? It doesn't have to be complicated, but does involve small creatures, LITTLE TWITTERS, to be exact. Isn't that going to be just darling? I can't wait to hop on board this one. Over the next fortnight though, I don't expect any of you to be in any sort feathered frenzy, so to speak! No, just having fun. Play with it. To get us going, I've even added some LITTLE BIRDS to our CT board, should you want to flutter over there. Up to you.

As usual, I'll add the sign in on the due date. In the interim, I hope to even write a post prior, within the week or so on some words of wisdom from someone I call, my Little Yoda. Keep your heads up for that one. :)

Before you go, do let us know your thoughts on this theme and what you thought of our Aqua collection as a whole, if you did that or not. I thought they were stellar! Everything from bathing suits to flowers to plastic wrap to ballet! I'm still chuckling over Donna's wonderfully named "Aqoala". What fun! Thank you, all. 

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AQUA Theme. SIGN UP Now!

Original Artwork by Griselda Sastrawinata-Lemay

Wasn't it great having Laurie back here, even with all her eye issues? A hearty cheer to her, right gang? :)

OK, thanks for you various entries last time around. I hope you've gone out and visited everyone. (Along the way, you might have noticed that Wanda plans to come back and join us. Woot! I couldn't be more thrilled.) As always, the interpretations are wide and varied, as perhaps one might expect from a double entendre like, Orange. In keeping with this idea, can you guess the next theme? Before I tell you, don't you just love this artwork? How incredibly fun. That cat and the wonderful heart pattern on flat colours truly inspires me! Mind you, I was stuck between this image and a couple of others, all around the idea of AQUA, no less.

As usual, I'll put the sign up here either next Tuesday or maybe just before the due date.'ll have to wait and see.

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