My Favourite CT Piece of 2014

OK, you're going to laugh but even with all the themes and pieces done this year, my favourite one is actually my first of the year! Not simply b/c I tried pastels or that I love the possible story behind it but by being the very first piece in the renewed CT, it embodies all the promise of things to come from a fresh start. It says new adventures too...just like this year has indeed been!

So, haha, at this rate then, my next fave piece (for 2015) will surely be whatever I do next in January! Oh my. Wouldn't that be funny?

With that said then, let me say a special thank you to those of you who followed along from the old CT and came back on board with the new CT. I'm so glad this restarted. It has been very rewarding knowing that for some of you, like me, this co-op helped reignite our creative endeavors, blowing the dust off, as it were.

Now, with the addition of some new peeps it again feels very much like our own little online family. Love that. Thank you!

You know, I wanted to also include our xmas card we had for this year but guess what? It's duly lost! More specifically, forgotten where we put it, actually, having only found the cards again just a week or so ago (brought last year when we were in London). The task now is to post this card to all of you ...closer to Christmas Day. (Maybe I'll have found it by then? At least if I never get to mail it, I can send it virtually to all of you here.

BTW, our next theme's announcement will be next Tuesday, December 23rd but not due until January 6th, the traditional 12th day of Christmas and the official end of the Christmastide season! Feel free to visit any time before the 6th but if you do happen to pop back in on xmas week, you'll find my xmas wish for you here! Until then wishing each of you a safe, happy, meaningful season full or wonder. In the interim, I'm looking forward to reading your "fave" piece posts. :)

YOUR FAVOURITE 2014 PIECE due by Dec 16th

Before I mention on this new theme (below), I just wanted to again acknowledge each of you who took the time out of your rapidly busier (and more stressed) schedules/days to even work on the Dreams of December theme. Sitting here, going through each of your sites, finding your various treasures and especially reading the reasons why you did your pieces as such was so lovely. One interesting take touched upon to some extent with almost all of the pieces was this notion of wishing for something ideal, perfect, peaceful, serene...heavenly, if you will. How true is that?! Whether it be that pristine snow or signs of hope and wonder with the promise of angels or the manger, or simply wishing for a more perfect holiday season with family, friends, work and life, I think we all do indeed crave that, don't we?

There are so many things to dream and hope for that really seem to come to a head during this time of year. My hope then, like for many of us, is let something good begin with me! Let me at least bring some joy, love and life to those whom I can help, even if it's only in a small way when our means might be limited. Essentially, let our lives matter! There are, thankfully,  a myriad of ways to touch others where even the smallest things can really mean something at the right time--an understanding smile, for example! You know, Creative Tuesdays is like that for me: knowing how we can reach across the miles and perhaps bring a smile or some sense of wonder to another we might never otherwise have had the pleasure of knowing simply b/c we've all come together in a brief fortnight to interpret the same thing yet in our own ways, learning something about each other in the process too. Connections make community and I am certainly thankful for ours here! Not the least of which, I doubt I would've done any art on my own without it! Haha, oh dear me! (Not like Alexandra, mind you, who, however she feels, seems to find some way to create something new each day! Yes, well, um, I need to learn that too!)

But, hey, it's the holidays! :) So, let's not add any undue stress to the busyness of them. Instead, I'm hoping each of you, if you can, would please post your FAVOURITE piece of art you've created this year, ideally for Creative Tuesdays, but if newer to our co-op then perhaps some other piece? Regardless, post something you've created this year that you particularly enjoyed! And, whilst at it, please please tell us why you liked it--whether that's because of the style or the meaning of it or whatever. I'm curious to learn what piece stood out to you and revisit it for all of us here again, regulars and newbies alike.

THEN, finally, but only optional, perhaps end your CT post with adding a pic of whatever holiday card you might be using/sending out this season? If you don't send out cards, that's fine too. No worries. I'm not sure how many, if any, I will get out myself but we do have a wonderful one to mail...if we get around to it, that is! :) So, until then, wishing each of you a meaningful, joyous, and possibly a less burdensome time of year as we rapidly approach this Christmastide. See you back here on Tuesday, Dec 16th... Now, eggnog anyone? :)