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Container Garden. Sign up Now.

Do you have a porch, balcony or even just a kitchen windowsill? Chances are then at some point you've likely dabbled with growing plants from seed, potting flowers or even gathering herbs and so on — all the fun found in cultivating a CONTAINER GARDEN of your very own. Show us what you've done or what you'd like to see.

For me, I'm particularly enjoying watching our dear little lemon plant growing in the jar by the window, knowing it started its life as just a simple seed from one of our store bought lemons. And you know what else? The leaves smell amazing, providing a natural air freshener, 100% chemical free! How brilliant is that? :)

Another wonder with such "gardening" is that, of course, you can grow something all year round. September, here we come!

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Lazy Days of Summer. Sign up now!

Having worked an over 13 hour day yesterday, I went back home early with a really horrid headache today, spending a good several hours just laying there, wiped out, before working another 3 hours later. But, these are meant to be the LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER, right?! In keeping with that, with ice pack to the back of my neck, I focused on good old days of much ado about nothing: casually strolling to TCBY to go split a yog-wich sandwich; walking around in shorts and flip flops during summer school; playing Frisbee golf and so on. Ahh... while yet always having  to work, time seemed so care-free then, even if really it wasn't for the most part. Still, there are always those memories of such summer days.  Let's focus on those. ...Now, someone pass the iced lemonade, won't you? :)

See you back here in a fortnight for the sign-up [below]. I don't know about you, but I'm doing my best to escape that sizzling sun and high temps. (Autumn can't come soon enough for Alexandra and I, let me tell you.)

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This piece is one of many by the talented, whimsical, and inspiring young Chinese artist, Oamul Lu.
Check out his website and tumblr archive too. If you dig, you'll find some surprisingly sweet animations along the way. :)

Hmmm... so, what should we dive into next? As it happens, I have some family commitments stretching out over the next few weeks. With that said, our next venture then won't actually be due until August 4th. Sorry about that, but just think of all the possibilities you could muster in the interim for some kind of PICNIC! Chew on this for a while and I'll see you back here shortly. :)

BTW, if you get your piece done earlier, you can always link back to this post at any time. (The URL remains the same even after updating the title and adding the sign up.)

P.S. I seem to recall an illustration Wanda did years ago of some ants scurrying off with picnic table scraps. My apologies to those of you around back then if indeed this theme was suggested before. Obviously, it escapes me now. Never mind, one will hardly suffer passing the Grey Poupon around once more. :)

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