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New Theme Announced... due May 5th

So, have I kept you guessing what this new theme is about? :) I like to sometimes find artwork that doesn't give it away too quickly yet aptly depicts the theme too, in a different sort of way. I find this abstract modern impressionist's limited palette works of Manhattan profoundly inspiring. Incredible. He really is taking painting to another new level whilst also not making it completely abstract or even ugly as so often goes the modern art world.

Anyway, in case you haven't figured it out yet, the new theme is WET! Oh, this should produce lots of different ideas. Can't wait to see what each of you splash out there! Enjoy. (Speaking of that, do be sure you've visited everyone from the last extended "happy" theme, like Donna's piece that just went up in in the nick of time, right after I posted mine! (BTW, the list of dunkin' goodies are now up under my biccie pic there.)

I hope you enjoyed reading the Happy thoughts as much as I did tonight. Wonderful writings on that fleeting sense of happiness too. Loved it.Thank you.

Back to "normalcy" now. No more traveling expected this next fortnight so we should be back on track to having just two weeks to come up with something. I will post the sign up here next week to give you a week not to have to worry about it! You can perhaps just ponder away into that misty wonder yonder. :)

P.S. The "followers" gadget is now on my blog sidebar, should you want to follow that way. :)
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New Theme... due Tuesday, April 21st

UPDATE: Deadline moved to April 21st. I am on the road with business and won't be able to host and visit everyone until then. For some of you, that means extra time. See you in a just over a week back here. SIGN-UP is at end of post. :)
Happy flying a kit

After a grueling 30 hr. Greyhound bus ride, Alexandra and her brother arrived back here weeks earlier than initially planned. As such, it's meant a lot of rearranging schedules, cancelling tickets, getting things set up here, and so on. Whilst she now finally gets to focus on (all Easter weekend, actually) catching up on lost time and missed assignments for school and upcoming artwork projects, I now have the opportunity to write this post!

So, anyway, sorry to have kept everyone waiting for any of you who wanted to jump ahead with this project. As it is, we have Christine to thank here with her marvelous suggestion. As she aptly put it:
"How about asking everyone to draw what HAPPY means to them? Could be a cup of tea, a sunrise, a favourite food, a flower. Just think of things that make you happy, which should be fun in itself."

I like that! And with it, I want to lay out some clarifiers/guidelines here for this one. Please consider these points when thinking about what you would like to show and how to depict it.
  • Concentrate on what just makes you HAPPYnot what brings you joy, per se, or inner lasting peace and so on! I want us then to simply focus on CIRCUMSTANTIAL happiness merely drinking a cup of coffee and so forth. So, yes, we're talking about superficial happiness, if you will. There's the rub, the challenge! It may even be "fun" but that's not the primary focus either!
  • Ask yourself this: "What physical thing or sensation makes me smile/makes me HAPPY, but is not something that is long lasting in its feeling, yet wonderful nevertheless when experiencing it?"
  • Think about the small wonder of fleeting moments of happiness. They may well be superficial but are wonderful nonetheless... like, petting one's pet, flying a kite, riding a bicycle, getting a haircut, etc.
OK, well, now that you are all duly challenged with what is seemingly a simple theme....go find a HAPPY moment, capture it in your creative piece and report back to us in just under two weeks! (Hmm...maybe I'll paint some Easter Eggs? :D ) Oh, and Happy Easter everyone!

Thanks again for your visits, leaving comments, and building this online art community as a safe place where we can help keep each other wanting to create regular artwork and hopefully be inspired, or at least challenged, along the way!

P.S. Everyone, please go check out ChrisJ (Flamblogger)'s Bouquet piece. Looking at the lack of comment thus far, I think many of you might have missed it as did I, since it was, likely, a last minute entry but she did it! Let me just say, it's got amazing petals!

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FLOWER BOUQUET (Sign up here)

OK gang, it's time for the mighty reveal! Time to sign up and show up! Let's see how each of you interpreted this bouquet-ful theme. :) Like the rest of you, I'm signing up below too and will be by later Tuesday evening to visit everyone.

Thanks for following along and, remember, it's still not too late to dash something out if not already done. You have until Tuesday midnight (MST). I'm turning off comments on the sign up here, btw, as you can leave them on each others' posts. Thanks for visiting.

The next theme, btw, will be announced Wednesday night. Feel free to suggest one when visiting my entry. I'm always open to suggestions. :)

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