Seasons Change.

As one chapter ends, another begins. Creative Tuesdays seems to have run its course and I'm ready for something new! I'm throwing a scribble picnic and am asking all of you, past and present, to please join me in this new art co-op, being hosted on my blog. To help launch it, I'm offering a fabulous giveaway with lots of chances for extra entries. Just scurry on over and read the details now so you don't miss out on anything! (The first picnic theme will be announced next week.)

Let me just end this with giving a massive heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have played along here, adding your artwork and/or kind words along the way. Like with every co-op, it's only ever as good as its members and whatever you put into it, so I'm stuffing my basket with ideas and looking forward to our first meetup. Roll up your sleeves and join the fun! :)

When/if you join Scribble Tuesday, please update your side bar icon from CT's to this one. Thank you. 

A New Theme. Due Feb 7th. Sign up Now!

Hello fellow Creative Tuesday artists! Again, sorry for my tardiness this last go around as explained in my comments prior. With this now already being a Tuesday and knowing I'll be out of commission for most this week, I'm giving us until the February 7th to get something out for this challenge! Can you guess what it is? What pops to mind? Yes, ha, we're going to try our hand at creating a BUBBLE GUM MACHINE! Now, what you show inside it is perhaps the funnest bit. It doesn't necessarily have to be gumballs. You can look at examples online or the current CT Pinterest board for some ideas. Have fun chewing on this and forgive me for my predictable puns. (I'm still suffering from a head cold I'll have you know!)