Fit to be drawn. New theme...

Artist: Darlene Shiels?

Click your heels together and conjure up something striped. STRIPED SOCKS, to be exact. That's the new theme and you have until Tuesday, May 10th, to make sure it's pretty yarn good. :)

Thank you to those of you who played along and welcome to our newest contributors, Kathy, Sue, and Claudia! How wonderful was that to have fresh blood, as it were, for our cute lil' monsters theme? Fun!

Ooh, you little monsters! Sign up ready.

What do you think of when you hear someone say that? Maybe they groan, "little rascals" instead but for this theme, we're going to focus on "LIL' MONSTERS!" No, I'm not into horror or terribly scary stuff but, ha, some of these lil' creatures are just so funny and adorable. I'm curious then what each of you might conjure up for yours? And yes, you could just focus on one. In fact, if you really don't fancy the theme, how about going with the idea of lil' misbehaving kids instead? That could be quite fun too.

I'm guessing this might not get the best turn-out but, hey, seven of us did the last theme so you know what that means? Yup, I did another montage of our work which you can find over on the previous post. Great job everyone!

By the way, I've revised the below updates a bit to clarify that while we don't want everyone to have to read through super long posts with lots of links, that doesn't mean you have to keep it to only a paragraph or two either, and if another link is related to your art piece (like, Donna's art festivals where her artwork is shown), that is good too! :)

Thanks to all of you who help make this co-op what it is by doing your art, writing about it and visiting each other. You are definitely NOT lil' monsters! No siree. Hmmm...what's the opposite of that term anyway? You Big Fuzzy-Hearted Cheeky Furballs? :) Hahaha... What fun we're going to have! See you here by next Tuesday, April 26th, if not sooner.

  • Post artwork related to Creative Tuesdays' theme only.
  • Keep written posts related to the art and easy to read.
  • Avoid adding extra links, art, pics, videos, etc, unless directly related to your piece.
  • Be sure to visit everyone signed up.
This is intended to keep our co-op fun and less confusing/time-consuming for visitors, while maintaining our brand. Thank you for playing along, linking back here and visiting each other too! Your support helps many of us not just continue creating art but trying out new things when seeing all the ways a theme can be interpreted.