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(due Tuesday, March 31st)

Isn't this above example simply lovely? Simple yet brilliant. Wow, I so wish I could paint like that! I hope it inspires each of you to work on your own flower bouquet. As usual, we'll have two whole weeks to do this theme and then sign up.

Now, I do hope each of you have more success than I had with the last theme! Funny how something so relatively simple could have ended up so challenging for me! It's rather sad, actually, when I look at how many of you signed up this last go around and your host did not. Oh dear me. I am so sorry but I'll have you know, it was certainly NOT from lack of trying! In fact, I worked on TWO paintings, each of which was a total disaster. The first I ended up scrubbing down to the canvas and the second sits on my table looking like a blob of paint resembling, at best, a deflated beach ball! Haha, I do have to laugh now though, but let me tell you, I was sorely disappointed in myself that I seem to no longer be able to do oils. It's simply been too long. Another thing I realised is that actually, every time before (ages ago), I always painted on a big canvas but when working a 6"x6" canvas board, one doesn't have the liberty to be quite so sloppy if you actually want it to resemble anything, that is! So, lesson learned. Patience, my lad, patience! Need more of that, must admit

You know, I may practice on the flower painting again before diving into this next theme. I even have a lovely bouquet in front of me to paint, sent on behalf of Alex's brother's loss. This ongoing crises for him is also no doubt weighing on me as I think on what we need to do and what will transpire, etc, etc. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent a kind word or otherwise.Alex is exhausted but doing an amazing always. She flies out to CA soon to go get him and also help my (ex but awesome) step mother move too!

Before singing off, let me just say how thrilling it was to see so many of you back here for this theme I do hope you'll carry it on to this challenge. You all did a fabulous job! So, go Smell the flowers and enjoy this creative adventure to your next...masterpiece! :) (Well, one can always hope!)

P.S. Thank you too to those of you who put a call out on my new blog. I'm planning to write a new post very soon. Your words of affirmation on my kids were delightful as well. Thank you. Such interactions really do encourage me. I love engaging with others, as you've likely sussed out now I imagine :)

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OK, my fellow CT enthusiasts, I'm having the sign up be here this week as I have yet to complete anything for the fortnight's theme. So, if your piece is already done, please sign up below. As it is, I hope to get something up during Tuesday but we shall see. It only has to be ONE FLOWER, after all! Surely I can do that?! :)

Why am I running late, you may ask? Well, aside from car dying issues lately, as many of you already know, Alex's younger brother just lost his wife (of 18 years) and is struggling with so much deep loss. Aside from this, he was also robbed of everything he owns, even his IDs, 24 hours earlier. As such, Alexandra started a GoFundMe page to help him gain a second chance—something we firmly believe everyone deserves, especially when willing to help themselves (and others too)! The first step is moving him to CO, away from the memories of San Jose where he has no one else now, and get him here with his sister, the one real blood family member he has (& vice-verse for her) in all practicality, sadly. We can give him love and support—a nurturing family home environment he's never had before. While having only met him briefly once before last year, I'm looking forward to the chance to help him start life anew! I know both Alex and I can help him with respect to dealing with immense loss, to some degree at least. While it may well not be easy, it will be so worth it. He needs to see that there are indeed good people out there, even total strangers, who believe in him and together we can help him regain focus for building a vision for the future.

So, all this to say, as you can imagine, things have been quite inundated lately!

Please wish me luck getting a flower image up by the time midnight rolls around. I will sign up, like the rest of you, from my blog when my piece is completed. My goal at this point is to do a simple oil painting! Ooh.

Do please check back in to visit each other too. Thank you again for following along and participating too for those of you who also do that. :)

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New Theme... and more!

OK, sorry it's taken me a while to get back here and update all of you on the latest theme. With that, I have some other news for you as well... but first, onto our newest venture: FLOWER (due March 17th)!

You see, I promised this one would be easier than the last (which, actually, you all excelled at anyway). :) But get this: there's a twist here — this will be part 1 of a 2-parter! Yes, we're going to start with rendering any ONE FLOWER of your choice, then for the following theme, we'll depict that same flower in a BOUQUET! Sounds kind of fun, right? I think this will at least start off fairly easily with a little less time to get our first part done now that it's already been several days into our normal two week turnaround.

The other news is that I've started a new blog where you'll be able to SIGN UP when done for each new theme on the Tuesday it's due until midnight (MST). Hope that makes sense.

Oh, and btw, I will still announce each new theme here with some kind of accompanying inspirational picture. The difference is that I'll simply update the post (on the due date) with a link to sign up for the theme on my new blog. That way we won't lose anyone in the process and whatever work is shown with the new theme announcement (like above) won't be confused with my own stuff.

Thanks again for all your support and visiting each other. I did see that some of you had to do that a few days later which is totally fine, just glad you did. In the interim, if you feel like it, do pop over and read my first new blog post. Hope you enjoy. :)

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