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Newest Theme... due March 2nd.

 (Cover Art for "Brambley Hedge - Autumn Story" by Jill Barklem)

Well, "Pillows" ended up being harder for many of us than perhaps we expected. Just glad that some of you went ahead and tackled it anyway. Glad too that I did not give up on my own piece! Thank you for the lovely comments.

It's a wee bit later putting this theme up as I was really in a muddle trying to think up something. So what do I do when facing such a dilemma? Ask my constantly creative wife, of course! :) ....So, if you don't like this one, go and email Alex a complaint on her site! I don't want to hear it! :) Hahaha, no, no, actually, it's quite clever and suuuper cozy. I hope you'll agree. UNDER THE LEAVES makes me think of hedgehogs, maybe even fairies, but let's see what each of you come up with, shall we? Happy dreaming.  Let's get really bundled up in the undergrowth of creativity here, as it were. Happy burrowing. :)

Sign up below when done...

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PILLOWS of Slumber Hills

Can you count how many pillows make up this dreamscape? Everything except for the fluffy sheep, the house and sign are pillows of one sort or another. I wish I could have done this better (as Lissa might have with her attention to details and patterns) but it's the best I could do, now running up to the wire, after a long Valentine weekend.

Funny, but something that was meant to be easier was actually a lot harder for me. Well, there you go. It takes all sorts... like my son who wanted to play with his new tablet's paint tool and decided to pitch his own rather cheeky interpretation for us (under "FullerColor"). Makes me chuckle, must say. Ha.

So, how was this theme for you? Sign up if you haven't done already. See you on your site later today!

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New Theme... due Feb 17th.

So, I'm thinking the last theme didn't terribly excite people as much as I expected — too vague... or hard perhaps? This time then, with Valentine's around the corner, I'm sharing the love and giving us something easy... and soft: PILLOWS!

If you want to show just one pillow, feel free, or maybe even make your own actual pillow? That would be fun too! Just have fun with it. Well, as it is, for a start, at least I've collected a few ideas over on C.T.'s Pinterest board if you're so inclined.

Thanks for joining in on the last round and for those of you who, ummm, toss in your proverbial pillows into the next round, so to speak. :)

Oh, and finally, welcome to Tracy Campbell, our latest member! (I suspect this theme will be right up your alley.)


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