My kids have wanted me to draw them something just for them for the longest time now, with my daughter, "R", being the most persistent (and oldest too). So, after working this up painstakingly, first in pencil then going over it with pen for the black and red (while seeing double for the super thin lines), I realised, after all that, I had done it wrong! Argh! How? you may ask. Well, I meant to write "77" in Roman numerals but left off one of the "X"s, so ended up with 67!! Oh dear me. Lol. With only two days left, I had to resort to cloning the X in Photoshop and move the numerals around to make room for that extra "10."

The end result is that I can't frame this and present it to my darling daughter quite yet, but will need to draw it out all over again during the week! Once completed, it should fit nicely into a 5" x 5" black frame. Here's wishing me luck! I'll need it. :)

Oh, and why "77"? It's her life quote. You know the one — forgive 70x7 (or sometimes written as "77" times, I guess). I decided then to add that along with one of her fave flowers (poppies) and make the design strong yet beautiful, as indeed she is. :)

Anyway, ....oooh, can't wait to check out all your own entries later! It's going to be GREAT! From the few peeks I saw earlier, it looks like we've got a great collection already. Thank you to each of you. Sign up below and please be sure to visit each other today or over the next few days, if not done already. That's the whole point of a co-op, after all, right? :)


  1. This is gorgeous MMm and so meaningful as a personal gift! Those numbers are hard to read to begin with. I'm getting photoshop myself as soon as I get it installed, my daughter says it's an amazing product.

  2. Thank you so much for the linkup. I love this idea. And I know what you mean about being finished something you think is wonderful and "oh no". That has happened to me too. I worked so hard on painting my parent's house. I had it beautifully done and showed my husband. He said right off the bat, "They don't have 5 windows - only 4". Oh my goodness I was so mad - at myself. This is before I knew the peace of Christ - so I was not a happy camper at all for a long time. Now I can laugh at the incident.

    1. Janis, what a story! Oh my goodness. That makes me feel better about my mistake. lol! I left you a comment on your site toojsu tto inform you about the way CT works so you;ll know for next time. See you then, I hope and thanks for your interest!

  3. I am a little behind in my catching up with everyone's pieces, which are all amazing. The moment I saw your monogram Mr T, I thought of heraldry and regal times. Very elegant and beautiful, just right for your own princess.

  4. What a wonderful monogram for your daughter! I'm sure she's going to love it. LOVE the dainty, little poppies. :)