UPDATE - EXTENDED 1 WEEK: "This Old Barn" NOW due Sept 9th.

UPDATE: I've extended the deadline on this theme due to a family emergency that has eaten up all our time. So, if you haven't had a chance to do it yet, you now have one more week! Sorry for the delay and thank you for your participation! I will get to your comments and artwork soon enough.

IMPORTANT: In the interim, if you haven't already done so, do please be sure to visit each other and leave a comment on each person's work -- that is the expectation with being a part of this online  CO-op. (You'll get out of it what you put in.) Thank you! Oh, and whilst at it, let's welcome our newest member, Kendall, who I personally know from previous work and is a rockin' awesome smart young woman with the most contagious laugh ever. Thank you, Kendall!
"Red Barn" Painting by Roz (Original available on her Etsy shop)

THIS OLD BARN is our newest theme! Of course, you don't have to do a red one, there are lots of different colours, or it could even perhaps be an old brick one like you might see in Europe and so on. You tell me. I know I'm looking forward to depicting something very Autumnal with the arrival of September. Hmm...might even have to throw in some classic big pumpkins! (For other ideas, see the barn collection over on CT's Pinterest board.)

Sign up below when ready.

(And, btw, I LOVED all your Poppy contributions. Wasn't it wonderful seeing such a wide array of interpretations, each lovely in their own way and now I know--they come in many colours!)


  1. So glad I found you again:) Look forward to drawing barns....
    Karen aka The Adventurous Art Teacher

  2. lovely topic, looking forward to doing this one Michael!

  3. Hi Michael, I'm a little rusty getting back into the group events. Can you delete my blog address. I haven't started the barn yet and forgot that I have to post the URL for that particular post.Its confusing some of your members. I have been updating posts of what I've been doing while away from my blog for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience. Karen

  4. I do love barns, Michael....and had a hard decision as too what kind I would do. I love red barns, but something just said I needed to use Martha's photo, as it really inspired me.

  5. Sorry Michael, I have not managed this one. This will be the first one I have missed since joining this co-op. It may also take me time to view everyone else's as I am having an eye operation on Wednesday (no pun intended) but I will get round to them.

  6. Thanks for the little shoutout Michael - you're just the best! :)