Christmastide 2014

Clockwise from top left : 1. Having fun w/ home decor  2. St. Luke's Episcopal's Xmas eve candlelight service  3. Our amazing Cornish hens w/ parsnips & veg!
4. Our doggie playing under the quite Charlie-Brown-like Xmas tree  4. My lighted display which took me ages to perfect, I'll have you know!
5. The pine tree in front, just as it started to snow Xmas afternoon  6. Right outside our front step  7 Our very first Christmas family ornament!

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Well, if you know me at all, you'll know I'm not one to pack it all in the very next day after Christmas Day! (No, no, no, that is something distinctly American.) Rather, like the rest of the English speaking world, the day after the 25th is...or should be at least... Boxing Day (St. Stephen's in Ireland). And, for that matter, you know, traditionally speaking, the 26th is actually only the 2nd Day of Christmas, starting with the Partridge in the Pear Tree (Christ in the manger) and ending on Jan 6th, the 12th day—the official end of this Christmastide Holiday season. :)

Unfortunately though, that's not the case here. Even so, every year I wistfully scan the Christmas radio channels in the faint hope of finding a few more Christmas songs playing but, alas, as soon as it hits Xmas midnight, it's right back to the usual programming. (So, how does one really fully get into Christmas Day if it all comes crashing down the very next (vital jobs aside, of course)? Even when working every day of the week with multiple jobs, somehow I always made sure that at least Xmas Day was not rushed with having to get back up and at 'em, so to speak, the very next day! No, that's not my cup of tea at all... and luckily, not Alex's either. Nope, instead, we thankfully found two friends to come over on Boxing Day to eat the yummy leftovers from our rather astonishingly good Xmas feast — far better than the sorry Thanksgiving meal we mustered together the month before, let me tell you. :) With exchanging a few simple presents, listening to music, relaxing in front of the fire while watching the incredible snow falling, our Xmas was certainly prolonged.

Speaking of snowfall, we had a magical white Christmas here with the snow falling down on the dot, a few hours before the Xmas dinner was served. The snowy pictures above were all taken Xmas evening, in fact. Ahhh... perfect! Boxing Day's was even better and as such, many lights are still up on various houses too. Lovely.

So, how was yours? If you want to tell us here or even leave a link below, please do. I'd love to know and celebrate it vicariously with you, as it were. Now, the only thing amiss was that I never did send out those Christmas cards. Ha-ha. (Something to look forward to next year!)

The best part about this Christmas? I actually got to celebrate having the main meal with my "kids" this year (the first time in six) instead of just doing cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Wonderful. Like old days... but with more work. :) With that then, let me end this by wishing you a very happy rest of your holiday season and jolly New Year! More on that later.... :)


  1. I am from the US and we never took down our stuff the day after Christmas. Rather, I take it down whenever the mood hits. Right now, I'm still digging the tree and lights. So fun.

    Enjoy your holiday. Happy Christmas. Happy 2015.

    PS: One year we kept the tree up until Valentines because the tree was so alive and well. We decorated it with hearts.

    So fun.

    1. Hooray Happy! You know what? I just heard someone describe Valentine's as the other Winter holiday. Oooh, I like that. So romantic and festive. So, maybe we all should keep up our stuff until then. hahahha

    2. It really is the other winter holiday. Another silly fun one. Usually I go on my husband's blog and turn the entire thing into a pink and red heart celebration. It's great fun. But that won't happy just yet, as we're still groovin' on the coloured Christmas lights.

      Looking at the tree right now, in fact.

      And then I'll do a heart banner with fun stuff on my blog. Because life is too dang short not to celebrate.

      Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. I'm not taking my down ~ I'm enjoying it too much in our little Tree House. It's warm and cozy with red and green and candles...I didn't have a tree this year, and so everything else is staying until....maybe Easter!!
    Our Christmas Eve was a wonderful time with middle daughter and family her Hubby, teenage and adult grandchildren, and a love Christmas table dinner of Leg of Lamb, mashed potatoes, salad and hot rolls. Chocolate cake for dessert. Christmas Day was at our oldest daughter, with all the family gathered for laughter, food, laughter, presents, laughter....more food, dessert... and celebrating the Birthday of King Jesus. Looking forward to 2015 and being a better CT contributor...trying to come up with Ringing in the New Year as I type. I'll think of and Hugs to you and Alex. and your adorable doggie.

    1. All sounds fab Wanda and read elsewhere you found a church to attend in your area too so that was special for you both, I'm sure.

      Lamb? Love it. not sure I;d be brave enough to cook that quite yet --just so glad our first bird in the oven meal actually came out well. hahaha.

      Yes, having the kids were great. they all looked smashing but are far too self awre to let me post thier pics here.

      As for the theme-- you can do what you really did (Went to bed early, say?) OR what you wished you did if only... ! Up to you. :)

      Thank you for the description --can totally imagine it. Brilliant! :)

  3. Michael you are so happy! My tree's still up, I usually pack everything away just after the New Year. Wonderful post. Here's my holiday recap

  4. I'm in the U.S. and there really aren't that many xmas decorations at all - just a few lights but I do see people keeping their xmas lights still hanging about even after the new year and sometimes all year round, so, really, keep them hanging if you wish.

    I wish you a very creative and happy new year.

    1. All year round would rather ruin the specialness of an occasion I think, don't you? Yes, you are in NYC! Exciting place where you capture all those awesome photos. Keep it up in the new year, dear Lissa! thank you.