(due Tuesday, March 31st)

Isn't this above example simply lovely? Simple yet brilliant. Wow, I so wish I could paint like that! I hope it inspires each of you to work on your own flower bouquet. As usual, we'll have two whole weeks to do this theme and then sign up.

Now, I do hope each of you have more success than I had with the last theme! Funny how something so relatively simple could have ended up so challenging for me! It's rather sad, actually, when I look at how many of you signed up this last go around and your host did not. Oh dear me. I am so sorry but I'll have you know, it was certainly NOT from lack of trying! In fact, I worked on TWO paintings, each of which was a total disaster. The first I ended up scrubbing down to the canvas and the second sits on my table looking like a blob of paint resembling, at best, a deflated beach ball! Haha, I do have to laugh now though, but let me tell you, I was sorely disappointed in myself that I seem to no longer be able to do oils. It's simply been too long. Another thing I realised is that actually, every time before (ages ago), I always painted on a big canvas but when working a 6"x6" canvas board, one doesn't have the liberty to be quite so sloppy if you actually want it to resemble anything, that is! So, lesson learned. Patience, my lad, patience! Need more of that, must admit

You know, I may practice on the flower painting again before diving into this next theme. I even have a lovely bouquet in front of me to paint, sent on behalf of Alex's brother's loss. This ongoing crises for him is also no doubt weighing on me as I think on what we need to do and what will transpire, etc, etc. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent a kind word or otherwise.Alex is exhausted but doing an amazing always. She flies out to CA soon to go get him and also help my (ex but awesome) step mother move too!

Before singing off, let me just say how thrilling it was to see so many of you back here for this theme I do hope you'll carry it on to this challenge. You all did a fabulous job! So, go Smell the flowers and enjoy this creative adventure to your next...masterpiece! :) (Well, one can always hope!)

P.S. Thank you too to those of you who put a call out on my new blog. I'm planning to write a new post very soon. Your words of affirmation on my kids were delightful as well. Thank you. Such interactions really do encourage me. I love engaging with others, as you've likely sussed out now I imagine :)


  1. I LOVE that flower bouquet, wow. Yes Michael would love to see you have another go at that oil.

  2. The beautiful bouquet you posted is something like I believe Janis Cox would paint. I couldn't do watercolor if my life depended on it. I'm biting my nails trying to think of what type of arrangement to do, as drawing flowers isn't normally something I gravitate toward. But I love a challenge. And I too enjoy engaging with others. Wish there were more hours in the day. Glad you the flowers sent to you and your family will be the inspiration. We all need inspiration and encouragement, Michael. :-)

  3. Michael,
    This is a lovely example of a flower bouquet. When I opened your blog I said, "wow!".
    I had just received a bouquet 3 weeks ago and took pictures - that's where the carnation came from. So that's the one I will be working on (sometime!).
    Praying for peace through all the transitions and troubles, knowing that Jesus understands. May He give you strength and wisdom in the weeks ahead (and Alex too).

  4. The lavenders and pinks in this are glorious and I love the broad sweep of the leaves - beautiful.

  5. Wow! Love it. I dabble about with water paint and other paint . I did something for my daughter a bouquet. Nothing compared to this.
    You have up.

    I am self-taught. So I sure can tell the difference my work to professionals. To each their own right. As long as we are happy doing what we do.
    What matters. My daughter loved what I did. She said. Mom I did not know you even did things like this. I said. I never either. ha-ha