Sorry, team, but with plans to leave for a funeral for my aunt who died a few weeks ago in London, CT is postponed until I get back. This is also in part the reason I did not find the time to get my black cat theme done but am enjoying seeing each of yours! Thank you.

Spending a lot of time with my Aunt Sally growing up, I loved her very much. In fact, every time going back, I've made a point to see her. The last two visits were particularly meaningful, bonding moments for me. She was old and lived a giving full life. I suspect her funeral will have many hundreds of people there.

I'm honoured that my cousin has asked me to do a reading at the funeral (at HTB). Anyway, more on my Aunt later. In the meantime, enjoy this Autumnal season and wish us luck with having to catch THREE planes on our way there and back. Oh, and do check out Donna's lovely write up on her CT win. :)


  1. Very, very sorry to read that your aunt, passed.

  2. So sorry Michael, safe trip and will wait to hear your news.

    1. Thank you, as always, dear Christine.

  3. Michael, even though this is a sad time, I'm sure it will be a celebration of your aunt Sally's life. My deepest condolences to you and Alexandra, and family. We'll all be waiting for your return. God speed! :-)

  4. I'm back. I'm not on Instagram, but was able to read Donna's wonderful comments about your and Alexandra's prize package. AWESOME!

  5. Michael,
    My prayers for you and your family are being lifted at this time, particularly for your plane connections. Blessings and looking forward to your next challenge when you return.

  6. My dear Michael. How sorry for your loss of your Aunt. Aunts can be so very special in ones young and adult life. You must have been a joy to her too. I loved my dear Aunt Cassie, and after Mother passed, she became a second mom to me. Love you so, and pray your reading at the funeral will touch many, and you will find peace and comfort knowing what a caring and giving person she was. Safe travels.