CT Guidelines & FAQs

Providing a creative co-op with an opportunity to artistically explore the same theme. 

New THEME every TWO weeks (usually announced on Wednesdays, due on Tuesdays). 

Copy & paste your post's link into the latest Mr. Linky sign up when available

Co-Op Expectations:
  • Mention "Creative Tuesdays" in your post & link back.
  • Include name of current theme.
  • Visit each participant (as part of a co-op).
  • Artwork must be related to CT theme only
  • Keep posts short (less confusing/time consuming for visitors).
  • Avoid adding extra (non-CT) links, art, pics,videos, etc.
Doodles/sketches, painting (collage included), needlework, fabric, ceramic.

Why is Photography & creative writing not included?
Many of us already do this on our own websites & blogs. These guidelines are intended to keep a consistent brand for this co-op.

Final note: It doesn't matter how good or not you think you are. CT is about having fun, growing creatively, and being part of an artistic community. Jump in anytime. We'd love to meet you! It's a great way to keep up on your art.