New Theme is....

We'll have until April 9th to ruminate on this theme, about New, as in... Newborn.

In the meantime, with Easter around the corner, it's all about New Life — apropos really. Enjoy! :) Post your art whenever you like. I'll be back next Tuesday with more inspiration, if not sooner.

(And to those of you who contributed to Skyscrapers theme, thank you! Just think -- you are 1/6th of the way through qualifying for a freebie giveaway. At this rate, your odds are going to be a lot better than pretty much anywhere you could go enter! Lol.)

(* As always, please feel free to first read CREATIVE TUESDAYS Guidelines, Rules & FAQ —especially if new here— for keeping consistency and brand ID on our co-op and with respect to all those who contribute here. ONLY posts that clearly follow the simple guidelines will be included or commented on, in interest of time and so on. Thank you.)


  1. Yeah ~ I'll be back for this one. Enjoyed my computer break but looking forward to lot of blogging and art in April. Great theme...this is going to be fun. Hope you have a Blessed Easter.

  2. First time I've ever been here, hope I've got all the guidelines correct, if not please let me know where I went wrong and I can change it :) Look forward to seeing other interpretations :D