Birds of a Feather Montage... and New Theme

Do check out, Dina's entry too -- a late entry. Fun and colourful.

Well, a month away gave us 12 peeps who found the time to do this theme. Grand, no? Thank you to all and for those of you who got your works done early, posting here, and thereby keeping us in the loop. As it is, it seems like people had more time to work up their pieces too! Which reminds me, do be sure to take this one question survey (see post below) so we can determine just long we'll have for the next theme. TY!
For the newest theme, you'll have to check back later to find out when it's due but I can tell you it's BREAK NEW GROUND, inspired by this Sarah Watkins song (of former Nickel Creek fame). I like the sentiment here, but really, you should interpret it however you want. (Don't even listen to the song if you don't care to.) Can't wait to see what each of you do!  :)

(* As always, please feel free to first read CREATIVE TUESDAYS Guidelines, Rules & FAQ —especially if new here— for keeping consistency and brand ID on our co-op and with respect to all those who contribute here. ONLY posts that clearly follow the simple guidelines will be included or commented on, in interest of time and so on. Thank you.)


  1. thanks for the beautiful montage...

  2. Great montage!! And I did the survey. And thank you for your nice comments as always. Means a lot to hear from you and get your take on what I've made!

  3. Love the bird montage. So much talent here!

  4. Ah thank you so much for adding my last entry. I know I had a should month so there's no excuse really, I'm just rubbish...sorry!

  5. The montage is cute with all those birdies! I'm gonna have to give this new theme some thought!