Break New Ground Montage and New Theme

One of the parts I like best about this co-op is when we have a somewhat more abstract theme and how each of us then choose to interpret it. This was no exception and very interesting indeed reading your thoughts here.Thank you, as always.

I'd also like to welcome Ildiko here with her delightful little illustration. (And she says she can't draw!) If you haven't already, do be sure to say hello.

As this last theme was a rather abstract, I decided it would be good to return to something more tangible and solid... BOTTLE, in this case. See you back here by Tuesday, Oct 23rd!

(And a heads up: with the U.S. elections two weeks after that, we will have to give ourselves at least 3 weeks for the next go round, if not longer. The times are a' changin' ...I don't feel it bodes well, actually, regardless of who wins. As it is, I'm quite a political junkie to boot, and will undoubtedly be inundated reading articles from multiple sources worldwide come then, so yes, three weeks at least....Oh, and I may also have a trip coming up around then but more to follow as details emerge!)

(* As always, please feel free to first read CREATIVE TUESDAYS Guidelines, Rules & FAQ —especially if new here— for keeping consistency and brand ID on our co-op and with respect to all those who contribute here. ONLY posts that clearly follow the simple guidelines will be included or commented on, in interest of time and so on. Thank you.)


  1. thanks for the lovely montage! Bottles it is!

  2. Yes, I love the variety and interpretations!

  3. Not sure if my comment went through, try again. Yes, I love the variety and interpretations!

  4. how great! ok, see you on the 23rd

  5. Just a very quick hello Michael..........I've been away so much and am leaving for Europe on Sat. Wanted you to know I'm still about, think of you often............and will have Christmas in England this year - how about you?

    Hope life is good -
    Fondly, Mary

  6. Great collage. Really loved the Bottle theme, so many ways to tackle it, can't wait to see all the pieces linked up.