Creative Tuesdays - NEWS & Giveaways!

Guess what? Creative Tuesdays itself is getting a NEW twist! Details below:

What's the SAME:
  • Due Dates
    1. Continues as every other Tuesday.
    2. My art is posted, along with the last chance to sign in and link to your artwork for that theme.
  • New Themes
    1. Still announced the following day after last theme was due
    (every other Wednesday).
    2. Initial sign up posted.
  • Co-op Guidelines
    1. Details here.
  • New Layout
    1. Obviously! :)
    2. More details on sidebar!

  • Inspirations instead of montages
    1. When the new theme is announced, I'll post some photos (and sometimes links) for inspiration to get the creative juices flowing.
    2. Less confusion:  the new theme will be more clear and obvious for new site viewers in particular. (As it is, we're already looking at and commenting on each others anyway!)
  • Give-Aways are back!
    1. Announced every 8 themes.
    2. To be eligible, you must contribute to 6 of the 8 themes for my random drawing. 
    3. Prizes -- will already be picked. Mix of art supplies and English tea.
  • In-between Tuesdays
    1. More inspiration and/or doodles.
    2. Link to current sign up.
    3. A chance to comment on how you're doing or share your own inspiration.
Sign-up will be posted next week.


  1. sounds pretty much the same but I do like the idea of seeing some inspirational work to get my mind working.

    and I'm glad that your using black text on white background for the new theme. before, the white on black was always so hard for me to read that I couldn't stick around too long. plus I always thougt the black was too dark for CT.

    have a great day.

  2. Thank you and glad you spoke up, Lissa. So good to know. And yes, I was feeling the site needed a freshening up as it were too. :) (Now, will I ever revise this site as much as you do yours? :) Probably not, but hey, I'm trying to stay fresh and inspired all the same!

    BTW, for all those of you out there who don't know it, CREATIVE TUESDAYS' genesis was CREATE TUESDAYS, started by the above herself! Whenever Lissa joins in with her amazingly detailed and expressive pieces it's always sure to be a true gift and gem.

  3. And, hey, there's a little more about me too now on the sidebar in the hope of making a wee bit more connection for others to this site. Let's see if it helps. :)

  4. Mr. Toast.... You are one handsome dude!! Since I've enjoyed your blog for quite a while, and received a give away some time back that I am still loving and using, it's so nice to put a face and smile with the written word.

    As I commented before, I really needed a Sabattical from the Computer, but will be back in April. I just was taking a peek to see what everyone did for "Twisted" and you're is just amazing. Love it.

    Love the new Look!!!

    See you April 1!


  5. This is great and so much fun. I might actually hop on board this next round. Skyscrapers sounds like alot of fun! :) Love your revamp, too.