Inspiration for TRIO theme

Good to see some of you already have your TRIO inspired art up. Well done! Now, but if you're still trying to figure out what to do (like me), maybe this collection will help somewhat? :)

Artist Sources (top left to bottom right, row by row): 
1. KendallsKornerStore
2. De Hellige Tre Konger
3. Abby Vinyl Wall Art
4. Jesse Kuhn
5. SepiaLepus
6. Murad Trio

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  1. Working on it... Hope to post soon.

  2. Love the creativity in the pictures you posted today to give us an idea. I must say, I thought of a couple of those, but ended up with something totally different...Will post it on Monday.

  3. The one with the mice seem to fit with your style and sentiment!

  4. Cool theme, haven't popped in in a while since the arrival of Georgie :) All is good and still finding time for art which is awesome!

  5. I had a great idea for this prompt...and then time ran out but I still did something. :)
    Love this inspiring place. Thanks Micheal.

  6. This is a very challenging theme for me. Grrr. hahaha But, I'm determined to come up with something. Looking forward to visiting everyone! :)

  7. I tried to leave a comment on Twinkle Toes, but found no place to publish the comment. I wanted to tell her it was a delightful entry with lots of interesting details. Could you pass that on.... Thanks.