New Theme for Sept 24th is...

I hope all of you who found the time enjoyed the pumpkin theme. We all know Wanda certainly did!  Wow, she outdid herself, actually. I can only imagine what pumpkin feasts surely await her kitchen soon enough. Lucky fam, that! :)

In line with that then, how about we look at something very close to my heart?....

TEA... Or, if you prefer to say, TEATIME! Ha, I can't believe muwah,  of all peeps, AKA Mr. Toast, hasn't ever done a teatime inspired theme before! What? Horror. It's high time to remedy that, no? And with the weather being unusually wet here (4 days of rain — unheard of in Colorado), it's like we're back in England anyway, so how very apropos. Yes, I'm ready for a cuppa, how about you? :)

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  1. nice comforting theme for next time! Thanks for always hosting us!

  2. This is familiar territory! We have a cup of tea every afternoon on the deck (porch) by the creek. It has become a ritual since we moved here six months ago. Fortunately, down here we have the weather that lets us do that most of the year. Looking forward to getting into this.

  3. Hope you're not anywhere near the flooded areas - saw the news tonight, quite frightening and very sad as lives have been lost.

    Take care, Mary

    P.S. At least in England it's usually just more of a drizzle.

    1. I'm fine but know people who have had some damage and the surrounding towns nearby have been devastated--like Estes PArk in the mountains and parts of Boulder--two towns I love to visit. Thank you for asking, Mary!

  4. Just added my link! Thank you for hosting!

  5. I'm SO looking forward to this theme. How perfect!! :D

  6. Very cool! Tea is wonderful and how great to have a tea-time challenge!
    Thank you so much for your very kind visit recently to my blog..your generous words mean a lot!

  7. MMm are you and Alexandra an item then! I just realized you both together on her sidebar!

  8. I've done another item that could count for this theme :) I will amend my blog post to add it is that okay?